Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rainbow of fruit flavours!

I am so excited and inspired!
I have been up to Winterwood to collect some gorgeous felt for future creations, pistachio and apple green, raspberry, lemon, rose pink, just to name a few. 100% wool hand dyed felt is so gorgeous and thick and sews beautifully. The end product is lushious.
If you would like to share in this lovely stuff, all the details for Winterwood are on my website under 'Hints'
Time to get started on some gorgeous new things,

Hmm what to do first!

Until next time


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Those I love

I am very blessed to have a very loving and supportive husband and three beautiful girls. I thank God for them and cherish all our memories.
2008 was a very big year for us all, Daniel and I finally bought our first home!! a dream come true for us, this meant a school change and a big move, we had been at our old address for 8 years and it was home.
My girls all handled the big change like the true troopers they are and we have all settled into our new school and our beautiful new home.

The very first thing we promised we would do when we moved would be that we would get a kitten, a precious little one to complete our family. Well here he is our gorgeous ginger darling, Ned. isn't he a fine gentleman, he is such a blessing.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweets for my sweet!

Look at these little gems!

As I have said before I am in love with vintage buttons, especially anything in Bakelite, like so many things they don't make them like they used to, so consequently I find myself being drawn away from the every day variety and only choose the lovely sweets like the ones I have recently found to add to my stash. If you are drooling as much as I am, you truly are a kindred spirit.


Time for a little something

With the new year well under way it is time to get back to work!

I have been happily stitching away and thought I might give you a tiny tot peak at what I am working on. I need to gather some more felt supplies, I love going to the felt shop to collect my usual rainbow of colours, I will post a photo of what I choose when I have a chance to get up there.

More will be revealed closer to release date,
a little treat for the 'cotton tail season'



Monday, January 12, 2009

Under The May Blossom

Welcome to “Under the May Blossom”.

I have put this blog together to share with you some of the behind the scene happenings here at May Blossom and give you a sneaky peak at my upcoming projects.

I have been designing stitchery projects, dolls, quilts and felt creations for just over three years and just love it. I work mainly in the huge variety of pastel fabrics available, and also love to work with 100% hand dyed wool felt, the rainbow of colours is truely inspirational. My real passion is vintage buttons, they are the cherry on the top of any project!

You might like to check out my website

I am really looking forward to sharing some extremely delicious projects with you over the next little while, I hope you find something to truely inspire you.



Friday, January 2, 2009

Cherry Bon Bon

Cherry Bon Bon

Every year at Christmas I make something enticing to place on my table for my guests, this year I decided to make paper cone shaped Bon Bons filled with extra special treats. They look gorgeous all together on the table and are received with much gratitude.

I thought it would be nice to share with you what I have come up with, they are very simple and easy to make and it is a great excuse to work with some of the wonderful scrapbooking gems that are available out there.

All my supplies came from my local store and are quite commonly available.

Supply List

I have chosen card stock in Christmas Red, White and Aqua Blue colour palette for this project. When making rosettes choose randomly from these.

1 sheet of thick paper with a glittered finish

Pearly sticky dots in red and aqua (I used Kaiser Pearls)

50cm (10inches) metallic yarn in red and aqua (I used Celebrate)

30cm (12 inches) Disposable piping bags one per Bon Bon (Wilton Piping Bags

1cm square double sided mounting squares

1/2cm wide double sided tape (I used X-press IT)

glue stick, craft glue, scissors, pencil, awl (or small hole, hole punch)

Chosen sweets

Ribbon (I used Celebrate)

Cherry Bon Bon Pattern

Download Pattern

To obtain the Cherry Bon Bon pattern click here.

Save or Print the PDF document that appears

You may need to install Adobe Reader to view this file.

Step One - Making the Rosettes

Cut one large flat circle from card stock,

Cut one small flat circle from scrapbooking paper with a glittered finish,

Cut one fluted shape from card stock

Using the mounting doublesided tape, stack all three shapes on top of each other making sure they are centred. The large circle at the bottom the fluted in the centre and the glittered small circle on the top.

Stick a pearly sticky dot in the centre of the glittered circle, lay aside for now.

Step Two - Making the Cone

Trace one cone shape to the reverse side of the card stock and cut out.

Trace the fluted edge on the reverse side of a contrast card stock and carefully cut out.

Using a glue stick, stick the fluted shape to the top curved edge of the cone shape, allow to dry well.

Lay the pattern piece on top of the cone shape and mark with a pencil the hole placement, punch out the hole with an awl or small hole punch.

Stick a length of double sided tape down one straight side of the cone shape.

Using the glue stick tube, ease the cone shape around it to start to form the curve of the cone, remove the backing paper from the double sided tape and stitck both straight edges together, easing as you go, you may need a small dab of glue at the bottom to hold. This step may take some time but is worth patience. This will be the back of your Bon Bon.

Step Three - Putting it all Together

Cut the 50cm piece of the metallic yarn in half and thread one piece through one of the holes and tie a knot in the end on the outside of the cone, repeat with the other hole. Tie the two raw ends of the yarn in a bow.

Stick a pearly sticky dot in place in each of the ‘valleys’ of the fluted top, all the way around the cone.

Place a dab of glue to the back of your rosette and stick to the top left hand side of your cone.

Trim down a disposable piping bag so it is approx 25cm (10 inches) from top to tip.

Fill with sweets of choice, twist the top and tie with a length of matching ribbon.

Place your sweets in your Bon Bon ready for your guests!

These also make great "Thank You" gifts for a little one's parties!