Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exhausted, but in a good way!

Daniel and I have just polished off the last of another very delicious Christmas Pudding,

Lily and Scarlett are constructing Scarlett's present a very gorgeous and grand Lego house.

Lou Lou is outside painting with her lovely new paints, singing 'Joy To The World' (she is a joy to my world)

All in all we have had a lovely not too hectic Christmas!!

Daniel has captured some of the gorgeous memories from our day, that absolutely divine vase of Hydrangea is one of my pressies, it is actually an enamel water jug, it was the cherry on the cake, and made our table just perfect.

The Bon Bon's were a very welcome treat as well!

Now it's time for a much needed break!
see you in 2010



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  1. How do you have time to create all this loveliness...?