Sunday, February 28, 2010

Something To Share

I think it is definitely time for something new!

There is nothing nicer than a quiet cuppa out on the deck listening to the birds. Partridge and Tea is a lovely appliqué tablecloth, with small felt bird tablecloth weights.

We all have little bits and pieces we need everyday.
The Promise of Spring is a delightful fabric basket and small felt roses that will be a beautiful and useful addition to any home. It would be wonderful in the sewing room holding cotton reels, or your latest project, or in the kitchen full of napkins, or even next to your bed for your reading glasses and a few tissues for that teary novel.

Definitely time to get back into it!!

Enjoy all the things you create.

Until next time




  1. I just can't get over how precious that basket is!
    You are a gifted girl!

  2. Ты делаешь очень красивые и нежные вещи ! Мне все очень нравится !Эта сумка - просто мечта !
    Я удивляюсь ,почему так мало комментариев ?
    Все такое красивое !