Monday, November 1, 2010

Now is always the best time!

I have an exciting event coming up on my calendar, the Melbourne AQM.

I have been frantically trying to get my catalogue updated with all my yummy new things.
It will be my first Melbourne AQM, so I am looking forward to meeting so many of the lovely people who stock my designs. So if you are planning to be there come over to the Creative Abundance booth and say hi!

I have two new designs coming up, the first Piccalily Dogwood Dahlia I am very pleased to be releasing this design, I wore the Dahlia brooch to the gathering at The Quilted Crow recently and had so many ladies asking me when it was to be released, so I got my skates on when I got home....and here it is, I have also designed a gorgeous Arum Lily brooch to accompany it.

So if you were with us in Tassie last weekend here it is!

The second is called Digging For Apples a very cute little one dressed up in her favourite apple costume, peeking through, and a gorgeous apple motif door hanger.

Hope you like them!

Until next time



  1. They are both Beautiful...

  2. Simone..

    Wow I LOVE your new designs.... Can't wait to purchase them all!!!


  3. Love your new designs! I have a question.. on your old website you had some patterns for dolls, on I particularly remember was dressed in a velvet dress? They were gorgeous. Are you going to bring these patterns out again. I am hoping so!! as I would like to purchase. Thanks Lisa

  4. It was lovely to meet you at the AQM, Simone!

    Your creations are exceptionally cute and beautiful, and your style so unique! I adore your work!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Vikki :-)