About Me

“I am a creator at heart, I admire and am inspired by anything that has been made by someone’s own hands. I love to buy works of art, whether it be a brooch or a piece of furniture, from markets and tiny little country shops filled with the work of loving hands.” 

May Blossom is the creative offering of Simone Gooding. A wonderful outlet through which her many differing designs come. As a child Simone spent many happy hours drawing and sitting watching her mother at the sewing machine. This sparked an absolute love affair with fabrics, buttons and everything home made. Inspiration comes to Simone from many different areas, her children, a beautiful piece of fabric, the garden or even a gift card. “The visual delights are endless!” 

Simone creates many wonderfully fanciful designs, using 100% wool felt, gorgeous fabrics, linen and wool. Many of her designs have components of each of these, which come together to represent Simone’s own unique style. Simone lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with her husband Daniel and their four beautiful children Lily, Scarlett, Louisa and Alfie


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