Friday, November 13, 2009

Hoops! Hoops! Hoops!

What a great way to display pieces of your favourite fabrics!

I have seen many other people do this before, the result can be stunning.

I have just started with hoops I had in the cupboard, left over from my cross stitching days, and chose a few of my many favourite fabrics.

I hope to add to the collection over time, hopefully one day my studio wall will be ablaze with colour and texture!

Great idea!! whoever thought of this first, I am very impressed.



He Loves Me...

Well isn't this just a picture!!

This was what I saw as I emerged the other morning (late if I remember correctly)
A little token of Daniel's love for me!!

A gorgeous rose from our garden, one of my favourite blue and white cups, with my favourite tea and some freshly sliced bread for me to toast.

What more can a girl ask for in the morning!!

I hope you all have a similar experience in your memory banks.

Until next time


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Toffee Apple & Marmalade

What dear little cameo princesses, each with her favourite fruit!!

My new project is called 'Toffee Apple & Marmalade" a very gorgeous tote bag to carry any little girls load.

The bag is made from a beautiful linen and cotton fabric, with a gorgeous marmalade or rosy apple red contrasting gusset.

The centre of each bag has a very sweet cameo, with the most adorable little girl peeking through.

As usual I have used lovely felt and complimented it with yummy fabrics.

I hope you like them

until next time


A Combination Carnival

I have been collecting buttons again lately, it really is like being in a lolly shop for me.

I have recently been to a wonderful button fair, it is run once a year by The Victorian Button Collectors Club in a quaint church hall.

I chose some absolute beauties!! I also bought a few buckles that I am sure I can find a good home for.

The reason for my collecting is I plan to put a few together in groups to make the most gorgeous rings! They are so beautiful in their own right that they should be worn with as much pride as the most precious jewel.

The best part about it is I am not going to keep them all for myself, I will be listing the finished rings for sale through my website in the next few months.

Each ring will have an adjustable 'ring' so they can fit most fingers. The rings in the picture are not for sale, I thought I would show you the first few I have made.

So keep a look out for them, I am sure there will be one to suit everyone.