Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Animal Crackers

My latest project is inspired by my little one.

My Louisa went with her prep class to a little stall at school, there were all sorts of goodies for them to buy with points they had earned.

She came home with the only thing that caught her eye, a wee little lion toy. He is so little and cute.

It has not left her side since that day and I even found him in my bed the other night.

Animal Crackers are three little mascot pals ready to hang, made from 100% wool hand dyed felt.

I delivered them to Creative Abundance this morning so they should be in the shops very soon.

until next time



Recipe: Plump Cherries and Bakelite Beauty!!!

A little sharing time,

I have a very small collection of vintage belt buckles some are made from my favourite of favourites Bakelite.

This gorgeous green gem sat at the very tip top of the very small pile, and I have often grieved for its lonely unused state.

When these glorious plump cherry beads arrived in the mail I just knew they would sing along side my buckle.

...so here it is, I thread the beads onto some divine super wide black and cream pin stripe gross grain ribbon. I must say I am in love with the result,

I can't wait to wear it

Until next time

Enjoy what you create!



Friday, June 18, 2010

Ooh Yummy!

We are off to a wee party and I need to bring something to entice the guests!

I decided to make Chocolate Mousse, I absolutely love it's velvety smooth texture and scrummy chocolatety goodness.

There will be quite a few guests with room to a minimum, so finger food is the go.

I found these adorable bite sized fluted moulds at The Reject Shop (cheap, cheap, cheap) aren't they just so cute!
The best thing is they are silicone so I can use them again.

The candy flowers come from a wonderful little shop called West's Cakes. They make by hand many different candy flowers in lots of yummy colours.

I am sure they will be a hit, lets hope they last until the party!! Save one for me!!

until next time



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look inside and take a peek !

I have been busy of late, so I thought a little peek wouldn't hurt.

My new project is called 'To Market To Market' a little bag with outer pockets, (well that is the plan, it might change along the way.)

Inside you will find all the things you might buy while at the market, I have completed the first two items - Strawberry Heart Cookies and Lollypops.

This project is something I know my five year old Louisa would love to play with while making tea or setting up house for all her babies.

Looking forward to the end result, shall keep you posted along the way.



Thursday, June 10, 2010

Puppy Love!

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Bundles of endless bouncy energy and tumbles full of lovely licky love!

I have a passion for children's literature and some of my favourites star these lovable loyal friends.
Harry the dirty dog by Gene Zion who never wants his bath and goes to such extreme measures to avoid one.

And who could ever forget Dogger by Shirley Hughes the beloved toy friend who Dave loses only to be reunited again thanks to his wonderful sister Bella.

And beautiful Clifford by Norman Bridwell the biggest of them all with his luscious red coat and gentle giant nature.

All an absolute treat and a must read (even if you don't have a little one to share them with)

My latest project has been inspired by these very huggable friends.

'Snug Puppy'
A lovely armful made from 100% wool felt (of course) with a cosy fabric pouch.
I have used the new Freebird fabric by MoMo for Moda for the pouch, the chocolatey blooms are just yummy.

I will be sending it off to Creative Abundance within the next week so it should hit the stores very soon.

Until next time



this one is dedicated to any puppy's best friend, my Lily xx