Monday, July 13, 2009

Before you know it!

My favourite colours for decorating at Christmas time are red white and blue. I am not a keen green and red fan.

As it is summer here at christmas time, I like the way the three colours give a crisp feel to the celebrations.

I have a very beautiful crisp white linen tablecloth I always use on our table, and last year as our centre piece I had a bowl of rosie summer cherries. The effect was stunning.

I usually make paper bon bon's of some kind, filled with treats for my guests, last year they were little paper hand bags! so cute.

This year I am planning paper cone bon bon's, I am going to put together a tutorial of the making process, later in the year, so you can join me in giving your guests something gorgeous to take home.

I would love to one day be on the other side of the world for Christmas, the magic of snow on Christmas Eve!

Seeing as it is winter here at the moment I thought I would start designing for Christmas. I have five simply adorable felt tree decorations.

Plenty of time to make them and hide them away until the big day!




  1. Simone,

    I just love your choice of Christmas colors! Three years ago our family moved from the northeastern U.S. where it is cold and snowy at the holidays, to the southeastern U.S. where it's very mild. My deep colored decorations just feel very out of place amongst the sand and palm trees here. Thanks for the inspiration; I'll be off to the fabric shop this afternoon.

    I linked to your blog from the Stitching Cow, and just love your designs.

    Georgia, USA

  2. Hey Simone,

    It's been a while since I've visited. Very cute ornaments; my favorite is the little mushroom!

  3. Oh this is so cute!! Miss Paula