Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Animal Crackers

My latest project is inspired by my little one.

My Louisa went with her prep class to a little stall at school, there were all sorts of goodies for them to buy with points they had earned.

She came home with the only thing that caught her eye, a wee little lion toy. He is so little and cute.

It has not left her side since that day and I even found him in my bed the other night.

Animal Crackers are three little mascot pals ready to hang, made from 100% wool hand dyed felt.

I delivered them to Creative Abundance this morning so they should be in the shops very soon.

until next time




  1. These are so super cute, love the beautiful little ribbons.

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  3. Where do you get your beautiful felts from?

  4. Hi Lucy,
    on the left of my scroll bar is the link to Winterwood, where I buy my felt.
    They are based in Melbourne, but will take orders over the phone or through their site.

    simone x

  5. Nice! I added them in my shop, too!