Monday, February 21, 2011

Very Useful Things

I decided that my first designs for 2011 would be useful to the little people in our lives.

If your little darlings are anything like mine, they are usually off somewhere with you, going here and there, picking up other little people or Daddy, having trips out and about.

My girls always like to bring their treasures in the car with them, something to read, draw with or cuddle. This desire to tote all their favourite things inspired me to design
'A Load To Tote' a carry all open out bag in the shape of a case, with places for pencils, note books, ruler etc

My second design 'Precious Pennies' is a cute little purse with an extra long strap to keep hands free, room for a few pennies, tiny little friends etc

Both are available now, so ask at your favourite patchwork shop

Until next time




  1. Such cute patterns.... Love it.


  2. Both are adorable, but I especially like the first one. I have no little girls in my life, sadly.