Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time for a little more...

Well it is time to reveal a little more, not too much mind you!
I have to keep a little for the final reveal, but am very excited to show you all another two teaser photos.

I hope to have a few more in the not too distant future, but this will have to be it.... for now!

Until next time




  1. Ooh!!! Tantalizing!!! Can't wait for the big reveal Simone! I hope you are enjoying school holidays - it's such a busy time eh? Miss 5 and I have been crafting our little hearts out - not a lot of sewing (or anything else for that matter) being done though! Would love to catch up again soon - maybe when the kids go back? Hugs sweetie! Vikki xx

  2. Simone you have me intrigued and I am the least crafty person you know. I love your blog and all your beautiful creations. I look forward to the big reveal also:) love lara