Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative Cards

It is with much excitement that I show you all these new designs... three in all (at the moment anyway).
Creative Abundance the company who distribute all my patterns asked all it's designers if they were interested in putting together a design or two that would be small enough to go inside a greeting card!
I just jumped at the chance... all my designs tend to be on the diminutive side anyway so I was keen to be involved.

So here they are... Snorkel, Percy and Mr Mushie.. all complete with instructions, requirements and patterns pieces inside....Wow!

Be sure to check at your favourite quilting and stitchery store for all the 'Creative Cards'

Until next time


Simone x


  1. simply a wonderful idea, Love it!

  2. OOOOHHH a little baby boy, that is so special. Welcome, Alfie.We had an unexpectant little arrival last year, when my daughter, 38yo, who had three children, Jordyn, girl 8, Thomas 6, and Brandon 4, and was happy with that, as they were hard to come by, had Cameron on the 31 August, without even thinking about it all, it just happened. He is such a little blessing and much loved. Congratulations Mum and Dad.